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Junior Athlete Development


NightWind Arabians offers long-term athlete development for junior athletes aged weanling-4years. NightWind provides a tailored board program focused on the basic principles of growth and maturation through the critical early years of athlete development.  NightWind provides individual nutrition plans customized to each horse, basic skill set and handling training, familiarization with surroundings/obstacles, hauling basics, ground work establishment with the advancement to our riding program, with the option of junior horse Endurance preparation and participation . 


Long Term Athlete Development


Our program is not only suited to fit the equine athlete but with the option and encouragement of the owner.  Long-term athlete development enables you to work hand in hand with a certified trainer working on the concepts of trust and basic training. Familiarizing yourself with training tactics used to ensure your training goals are not only met, but practiced day to day following your horse's completion in training at NightWind Arabians.


Having issues on the trail? NightWind Arabians is able to arrange for a certified trainer to accompany you and your horse on a "ride a long" for a evaluation in the off-season, developing a training plan and addressing the problem points in which you would like to work on!


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