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NightWind Arabians understands that the road to rehabilitation can be a long enduring journey for both the horse and rider!

NightWind Arabians is pleased to offer Rehabilitation Services. NightWinds provides extra care and support for the athlete on rest. This includes the administering of client supplied prescriptions, wound care, vitamins and supplements. Nightwind ensures your athlete receives the specific feed requirements he or she needs to rebuild and maintain their health.  Nightwind offers private paddocks with the arrangement of a companion buddy, as well as indoor stall rest (regular and large stalls available) with the option of daily outdoor stall grazing.  Included in rehabilitation board rate is the use of our indoor heated arena to rebuild much needed muscle mass and ensure the quick recovery of your athlete.  Nightwind Arabians arranges for the visit of regular farrier work as well as the scheduling of a regular certified equine massage therapist!


NightWind offers astounding rates for our rehabilitation guests

please inquire for more information!

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